Spring Vision

Coming in September 2021

Your Spring ision day retreat is here!

This is your chance to escape the daily grind of #mumlife, leave your logical thinking brain at home, dare to dream, open your heart, be guided by your intuition, and manifest your deepest desires.

With deciduous, spring leaves falling upon us, lets drop into the present moment, create space, allow time to breathe in nature, and reconnect with our true Self in a beautiful heart opener yoga practice & guided vision meditation.

The morning will kick off with herbal tea, yoga and a guided vision meditation. We will then get crafty, constructing our own, personal vision boards.

Lunch will follow, and a final meditation and discussion about our vision for spring; the season of new beginnings.



Your Spring Vision Day Retreat Includes


  • Coming in September 2021
  • Morning Tea and Lunch
  • Yoga Class
  • Guided Vision Meditation
  • Making your personal vision board, including all materials.




Spring Visions Yoga Class

Guided Vision Meditation

Create Your Vision Board

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