12 Week Healthy Mum Phase 2 Program


The Healthy Mum Phase 2 Program includes; 6 Pilates Videos, 6 Workout Videos, Meal Plans and Recipes.

Product Description

If you wish to postpone the commencement of your membership please contact us to arrange suspension.


Our Healthy Mum Phase 2 Program is perfect for the Yummy Mummy who:

  • Has completed the Phase 1 Healthy Mum Program and is keen to progress onto more challenging Pilates, fitness workouts and perhaps even start running!
  • Is years post birth, has been doing a little exercise and is looking to follow a more structured exercise program and healthy meal plans.
  • Wants to feel reassured that you are being guided by health professionals who are up to date with the latest research in the field of obstetrics, gynaecology, physiotherapy, dietetics and the health and fitness industry!
  • Wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and be a role model for your kids and family.
  • Wants to strengthen your core, abs and pelvic floor.
  • Wants to learn how to perform all of the traditional boot camp and functional, gym style exercises correctly and safely, under the guidance of an experienced physio.
  • Needs an easy, portable exercise program you can access any-where you have an internet connection.
  • Wants to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and healthy eating for yourself and your family.
  • Wants quick and easy recipes to follow that are healthy and tasty, with no weird ingredients that you can’t find from your local major supermarket.

You will receive:

  • Information on safe and appropriate exercise and healthy eat-ing based on our national guidelines and ACOG (The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) and RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists).
  • A 12 week comprehensive physiotherapy designed and instruct-ed exercise program for motherhood .
  • 6 Pilates videos.
  • 6 fitness videos including instructional handouts.
  • An optional, beginner to 5km running program for the Yummy Mummy who is keen to recommence, or take up running.
  • Information from our dietitian on what exactly we should be eating while breastfeeding, including all the dos and don’ts, and some tips for breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding that is!).
  • A 12 week comprehensive dietician designed meal plan for motherhood.
  • 12 weeks worth of recipes, drinks and snack ideas.
  • Helpful tips to make meal prepping and healthy eating simple and sustainable.



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