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Motherhood is an incredible rite of passage for women. It comes with a multitude of mixed feelings and emotions, from euphoria and unconditional motherly love, to uncertainty and almost torturous tiredness. This is all normal! Let’s face it, motherhood is wonderful, but it’s a tough gig, and none of us really know what we are doing!

I strongly believe that as mothers, we need to take care of ourselves first; prioritising and establishing daily health habits that allow our tired, busy, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed bodies to return to baseline. When we have our health, we are better able to meet the ever changing demands of motherhood, leading our families, and being positive role models for our children.

We may slip, and even fall, but if we have strong foundations of health and grounding practices to return to, we can embrace motherhood from a place of calm presence. Our offerings are designed for women throughout all stages of life, from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and beyond; to support you in living your most vivacious and purposeful life.

You don’t have to do this alone! We are here to mentor, support and guide you throughout all phases of your life from pregnancy to menopause with our professional knowledge, practical skills and personal experience.

love, Paula

Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise with physio Paula Hindle


Paula Hindle, aka Yummy Mummy Physio, has an extensive background in exercise science as well as pelvic floor and women’s health physiotherapy. In this episode, Paula discusses some of the controversies surrounding exercise in pregnant and postpartum women and how she works with personal trainers and gyms to infiltrate their minds.



‘The Grounded Woman’
Yoga Retreat

Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

February 26th – March 1st 2021

Imagine feeling grounded for the entire year. Managing the daily grind of the full spectrum of Mum life, yet you are anchored and present. Join me for 3 nights in my spiritual place, Byron Bay, and allow 2021 to be the year you become the grounded woman.


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