12 Week Health Coaching


I can’t wait to be your Health Coach!

I have been working with women for over 20 years in private practice, hospitals and fitness centres. For years women have shared with me their constant stories of feeling relentlessly busy, overwhelmed, tired, stressed, lacking in energy, libido and vibrancy, lost and disconnected from themselves, and generally not feeling their best. None of us wants to be the Mum that is frazzled, yelling at our children and snapping at our partner.

Instead, imagine feeling grounded for the entire year. Managing the daily grind of Mum life, work life, study, balancing time for kids, your partner, family, friends and STILL, you are anchored, pre-sent, and blissfully content.

Seems impossible right? Wrong!

When you learn the skills to cultivate Self awareness, witness your energy, thoughts, mood, and better understand your needs, desires, and the triggers that shift you out of balance, you begin to notice something. You notice that you possess all the inner wisdom and intelligence you need to ground yourself in the present moment, to answer your own questions, to support your own needs, and live a life that is effortless, in flow, and in alignment with your visions.

You start living intentionally. Your cup feels full.

You notice the universe is supporting you. Life feels easy.


So what is a Health Coach?

My role as your health coach, is to unlock your potential to live a healthy, vibrant, and purposeful life, in your truest, most divine feminine essence.

To do this, you need to be strong and balanced in ALL domains of health; your physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual health. It is not my job to fix you. I don’t believe you are broken.

Maybe you’ve experienced a big life event (illness, divorce, miscarriage, death); maybe you’re feeling completely depleted; or perhaps you’re simply in a funk, a little lost, and need support to find your way back.

I’ve been there sister, and I’m here to help you, with compassion, and without judgement.

Together we will reconnect, recalibrate, restore, rejuvenate and return you to your truest Self by drawing on your innate skills and resources.

This requires identifying your strengths and weaknesses, uncovering stories and limiting beliefs, establishing a vision of your most vibrant and unlimited self, setting goals and taking steps to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

I will be there to support you when you want to give up. I will hold you accountable to your vision and goals. I will be the inspiration for what is possible. I will hold empowering space for you to navigate your own life.

Scared? I hope so. That means you’re ready.

Book your FREE introductory chat with me today. I’d love to hear your story and discuss how health coaching can help you.


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