The Grounded Woman

Coming in June / July 2021

The Grounded Woman day retreat is here!

Imagine feeling grounded for the entire year. Managing the daily grind of Mum life, work life, study, balancing time for kids, your partner, family, friends and still, you are anchored, present, and blissfully content. Seems impossible right?


When you learn the skills to cultivate Self awareness, witness your energy, thoughts, mood, and better understand your needs, desires and the triggers that shift you out of balance, you begin to notice something. You notice that you possess all the inner wisdom and intelligence you need to ground yourself in the present moment, to answer your own questions, to support your own needs, and live a life that is effortless, in flow, and in alignment with your visions. You start living intentionally. Your cup feels full. You notice the universe is supporting you.

Life feels easy.

Winter is the season to turn inward and replenish your tired body. Join me for this baby version of our annual 3 day Grounded Mama Byron Bay Retreat. Learn simple techniques to manage stress, fatigue, and overwhelm and establish daily rituals to keep you grounded in daily #mumlife , surrounded and supported by other divine feminines.



Your Day Retreat Includes


  • Coming Soon, June/July 2021
  • Morning Tea and Lunch
  • Grounding Yoga Class
  • Guided Grounding Meditation
  • Learn Grounding Techniques to manage stress and overwhelm




Grounded Yoga Class

Grounded Meditation

Create Daily Grounding Rituals

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