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Bad Mums

Are you a Bad Mum?? I am, and I’m proud of it!! I went to see the movie Bad Moms with a posse of my Mummy friends last night. It was hilarious and we could totally relate. Lets face it, motherhood is f%$ing tough!! It’s the toughest gig I’ve had and it’s unpaid and voluntary!! Every phase of motherhood is challenging. The new Mummy phase is full of so many unknowns, crying, cracked nipples, sleep deprivation, vomit, shitty nappies and let’s not even talk about your floppy mummy tummy, v-j-j, and the unspoken conversation between you and your partner……. when are we going to have sex again??

It Takes A Village

I recently went to visit a very dear friend who has just had her first baby. My kids are now 7 and 5 years old so I am well and truly out of the baby phase. However, working with new Mummies almost daily, I am constantly reminded of how hard that first year is!! So I packed my two kids into the car along with a pile of food to deliver to my gorgeous friend.

Running, Bravery and Being Your Own Hero

So today is a big day for me. It’s marathon day!! My third ever marathon. In 2009 I ran the New York Marathon, only 8 months after the birth of my first baby Andrew. I know, I’m totally nuts!! However when you are offered a place in the prestigious NYC marathon you say YES!! So having dedicated my first marathon to Andrew, I simply HAD to run a marathon for my daughter Cleo. So in 2012, I dedicated my second marathon, the Gold Coast Marathon, to Cleo two weeks before her first birthday.

Resilience and Love

This is another one of my very personal blogs. It’s totally unrelated to physio, pregnancy and motherhood. Instead it's inspired by my late husband’s birthday today, and with the ABS releasing alarming statistics showing a 13% increase in deaths by suicide from 2013-2014, I'd like to write about resilience, support, and love.

When Can I Run After Giving Birth?

I am constantly being asked this question via email or Facebook, and I cringe every time it comes up. Why? Because the short answer is, IT DEPENDS!!! It’s so difficult to give general advice about returning to running and high intensity exercise (e.g. Running, Crossfit) post birth.
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